One of the biggest reasons job candidates take a position they “really” do not want, is because they need money to survive and pay the bills.  Unfortunately, this causes many issues later down the road, and before long you will be looking for another position.  Earning money while job hunting is a great way to help your job search!

Yes, that is right – earning money on the side while you search for the perfect job is ideal.  Because you will have money coming in to help support yourself, you can then take your time to find the perfect job fit.  Here are some ways you can earn some side money while you search for your ideal job:

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  • Depending on the type of work you do or your skill set, you might consider becoming a freelancer during the time you search for your next job. While freelancing is not for everyone, it is a good way to make some side money.  More and more people are doing freelance work on the side, until they are able to find the perfect job fit.
  • Could you be a consultant? Your expertise may be needed by others in your field or industry.  You might even consider doing lectures or classes at a local college to earn some extra money.  Sharing your skills with others is a great way to earn money, and give back to your community.
  • You might consider staying completely away from your field of expertise to earn money. For example, you can use your vehicle to earn money, driving for Uber or some other delivery service.  This is often a great choice for those looking for something low stress!
  • Do you have a hobby that might help you produce money? Maybe you paint – sell your paintings.  Maybe you have some sort of collection that you might consider selling.  Maybe you just need to clean out the garage and have a sale.

What you do during your job search to earn money, is up to you.  However, some of these suggestions have worked for many others.  Instead of settling for your next job, earn some extra cash, and wait until you find the perfect job!

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