As the job search scene continues to change, job candidates find themselves wondering what are the best job search strategies available to help them land the job of their dreams.  You might be wondering the same thing.

There are many strategies or tactics you can use in your job search, but here are the top strategies being used today:

  • Hiring managers today are looking for more than just skilled workers, they are looking for the complete package. Learn to build your personal brand.  Your skills and your personality make up your personal brand.  Understand how they work together, and market your brand.
  • Take the time to really understand your true value. This will be helpful when you do have an interview and are asked to give the hiring manager your expected salary.  You must know your value – time investment, travel, skills, and more, go in to determining your value.
  • You should make a list of the requirements are you looking for in your new position. For example, is working remotely is important to you, or having a flexible schedule is critical to caring for your children, make sure these are known and understood.
  • Make sure that you are visible to hiring managers and recruiters. Review your online presence and make sure you are providing consistent and quality information at all times.  This can be from content on your website blog, to your social media posts.  They will research you online, so make sure it is quality and what you want them to see.
  • Continue to network while you do your job search. Networking has proven to still be a great tool to use when searching for a job.  Even after being hired, continue networking.  Not only may you be able to return the favor, but opportunities are available everywhere.

There are many job search strategies available today.  While not every strategy will be the right one for you, it is important that you understand all the possibilities to give you the best chance and options available.  Consider adding some of the strategies listed here to your arsenal.

Copyright: antonioguillem / 123RF Stock Photo