It is no secret that businesses everywhere want to increase their employee engagement.  It has been shown that employee engagement equals higher productivity and increase in overall business.  Many companies have discovered that by making the workplace employee friendly, they have better employee engagement.  Here are a few things you can do to keep your workplace fresh, engaging, and friendly:

  • Consider starting a wish list for the company. Allow the list to be open to all to add to, and continually use suggestions from the list.  This will encourage employees to share and help them feel like they are part of the overall goals and mission of the company.  Also, when they get to work on projects that they suggested, they suddenly feel more empowered and engaged.
  • Boredom is a real problem in many companies. You can combat the terrible boredom killer, by giving your employees something new to do on an ongoing basis.  While they may have tasks that must be completed daily, give them something different and engaging to do to break up the boredom.  This could be anything from giving them a small management task to see how they do with leadership, or allowing them to cross train in another area.
  • Learn to make break times more creative and fun for everyone. Studies have shown that just a ten-minute break from thinking can produce 50 more minutes of effective work.  Think outside the box and make break times fun!
  • Allow your employees to customize their workspace to fit their individual needs and personality. Some companies have even gone so far as to provide a decoration room, where employees can go during their break and make things for their workspace.  This allows creativity, a much-needed brain break, and allows them to decorate their space as their own.

The goal to making your work environment or workplace more employee friendly is to get creative – conduct an office Olympics, encourage leaving the office for a day, and even allow employees to bring pets to work.  The point is to make your workplace a place where employees are comfortable, feel wanted, and can engage in relationships with others.

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