For years, organizations have been trying to determine the best methods for evaluating sales talent.  From the hiring process to evaluation after hire, many companies still scratch their heads, wondering why their cost of recruitment, development, and lack of business is costing them so much.

Hiring the right sales person starts during the recruiting process.  One bad sales hire can cost your company thousands of dollars, therefore, it is important to understand the underlying needs of your company, and then evaluate continually.

Most companies conduct personality assessments on their recruits, however, this may not be the right method for sales recruits.  Sales people are a different breed and have a special skill set.  While a normal personality assessment might give you a look into some of their personality, it is more important that you understand how they view sales.  Sales assessments look at specific personality traits, as well as, attitudes and behaviors towards different sales scenarios.

Measuring and determining a great sales person involves looking at the “sales DNA” of each candidate.  You need to determine their competitiveness, their desire and commitment to sell, and determine if they skills such as closing, account management, prospecting, and more.  Genesis Search Group can help you with your sales assessments, ensuring you find the right sales person for your team. 

Benefits you will see when evaluating your sales talent regularly, include:

  • Better Fit – Because you will have information at your fingertips on how a potential candidate will fit, you will find that you have not only a better fit, but better results with that candidate.  Studies have shown that candidates chosen due to their answers during a sales assessment, outperform those that did not take a sales assessment.
  • Training and Ongoing Sales – Evaluating sales talent will help identify the strengths of your candidates and employees.  This will help you in determining their training and accelerate their sales potential.  This will not only save you valuable training time, but will save you training costs, as your new hire will be able to start selling faster.
  • Speed up Hiring Process – While no one wants to rush through the hiring process, it can be costly to companies that go months before finding the right sales person.  When you evaluate the potential sales talent, you will weed out those that otherwise would take up valuable resources during the recruiting process.  Thus, leaving more time for those that are a better fit.

Depending on your organization, you may design different ways to evaluate your sales talent.  As you can see, it is imperative this be done during the recruiting phase, however, do not forget to continue the process after hire.  Your sales team is a priority.  You need the best sales team working for you – to generate sales and money for your company.  Do not skip the evaluation process – it is your best investment in sales talent.

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