When you hire Genesis Search Group, you’re hiring a professionally-trained team of recruiters and researchers with a proven ability to find and deliver your industry’s best talent.

Our advantages include:

  • Over 15 years of building relationships with top industry talent throughout the world
  • Hundreds of searches ranging from managers to C-level executives completed
  • Partners located in Asia and Europe to assist our International clients
  • Extensive experience staffing Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Supply Chain positions
  • An average turnaround time of 6 weeks or less
  • A Database consisting of over 50,000 contacts of key industry talent


Every single day, we speak with over 75 candidates, isolating those that excel among their peers. We are able to instantly activate promising candidates, allowing for significantly reduced time to fill rate (TTF).

Our Managing Directors  have firsthand experience within their market niche.  This allows for a more in-depth skill evaluation and insures that every candidate you interview is qualified, interested, and affordable (QIA).

With Genesis Search Group, there’s no need to hire multiple search firm for the benefits of a broad reach and fast results.

Search Strategy

“Genesis understands the need for in-depth talent assessments to ensure that corporations are making accurate and culturally successful hiring decisions. We specialize in delivering the top 5% of talent across multiple functions. The strategy of maintaining long-term relationships with candidates has created a success paradigm that nets great benefits for Genesis’s clients….”  Read More

Search Process

“We’ve developed a successful process that has been proven to deliver highly consistent results. The process, although well-cultivated, allows for flexibility to assure it does not supersede special client requirements. The basic steps: Begin Needs Assessment Genesis will work with your team to fully and strategically document your company profile and search specifications….”  Read More