The Steps to Success


Begin Needs Assessment

Genesis will work with your team to fully and strategically document your company profile and search specifications.


Specification Review Meeting

Genesis meets with hiring managers and HR representatives to assure that the search specifications meet the requirements and expectations of the position.


Approve Specifications

After incorporating any changes that come as a result of the specification review, Genesis presents the detailed job position specifications to the client, who signs off on the accuracy of the documents.


Complete Search Plan

The Genesis team of dedicated researchers conduct thorough marketplace research. From that data, a list of top candidates is created.


Begin Initial Recruiting

Acting as your partner, a Genesis consultant will contact potential candidates, profile them, and compare them with your position profile. A Genesis Search Manager or Principal will conduct candidate interviews to assess capabilities, chemistry and overall fit. The candidate list is then narrowed to the most qualified selections.


Complete Initial Slate

In this phase, each candidate is professionally evaluated via homework assignments focusing on their career objectives, PARs, and geographic location. Genesis will continue to recruit additional candidates even after the initial slate is completed.


Slate Presentation Meeting

A formal presentation of the most highly qualified candidates will include all current and pertinent information. The Genesis team will support the process by presenting an overview of each candidate.


Complete Slate Review (Client)

This step allows time for your team to fully review the candidates presented. Initial interviews are scheduled through Genesis. Depending on the results of the review, adjustments to the work plan will be made.


Begin Interviews

Genesis will handle the logistics of candidate interview scheduling. At the completion of each interview, Genesis will debrief both the candidate and the interviewer to determine reaction and fit. This debrief is a formal but quick and provides a very good assessment of whether or not the candidate should continue in the process.


Complete Interviews

The process may include multiple phone and face-to-face interviews involving several key candidates. In the event this stage is reached and no candidates are deemed acceptable, Genesis will continue to source additional candidates based on information previously collected.


Reference Checks Throughout Process

Genesis will conduct thorough reference checks throughout the process, from the initial meeting through the offer stage. This information is presented in the form a reference check report.


Close the Candidate

Once a candidate is selected, your Genesis consultants will begin the offer process. This includes helping mediate salary and other compensation, start date, relocation and benefits. The consultants also help the candidate follow through on resigning and dealing with counter offers. Close contact is maintained with the candidates to work through this stressful period in order to retain candidates who have received other offers.


Commence Employment

Even after the candidate has commenced his new role, Genesis maintains communication at set intervals during the first two years of employment to assure that both you and the candidate are satisfied with the decision.