Whether you have been searching for a job for a day, a week, a month, or a year, you understand the importance of using LinkedIn for your job search.  However, many job candidates fail to realize how to use it to their advantage, and often lose out on the perfect job opportunity.

Here are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage and make the most of your job search:

  • You must realize that LinkedIn is not just a platform to post your resume on. It is more than an online resume!  You must consider this your portal to finding the best job possible.  Yes, it will include your resume, but your profile will tell a story about you, your qualities, and your personality.  It is crucial your profile be complete for this reason alone.
  • Most candidates post their resume and think they are done. However, one of LinkedIn’s strongest assets is the networking you can do.  The best part – you can locate key people at companies you want to work for.  Connect with them, understand the company, and have a connection when a job become available.
  • Networking with others in your industry is also a great way to find employment. LinkedIn can help you connect with others in your industry.  Not only will this give you great connections, but you may find a mentor or learn some valuable information to help you in your career.

You can use LinkedIn to your advantage in a multitude of ways.  It is more than just a place to post your skills, qualities, and traits.  Think of it as an online portal to meeting key people, conversing with those people, learning from those people, and eventually landing the job you have always wanted.

Social media has become popular in job searches, but do not forget to use the tool that gives you the best advantages – LinkedIn.

Copyright: prykhodov / 123RF Stock Photo