When was the last time that you updated or reviewed your LinkedIn profile?  Most likely, it was a while ago.  You probably do not even remember the last time you updated it.  Did you know that profiles kept up-to-date are viewed more times than those which are not?

The fact is that LinkedIn has become the go to source for all things professional.  Recruiters, potential employers, and job seekers alike are turning to LinkedIn to find the next dream job!  This makes it critical that you keep your profile job ready.  Here are a few improvements you can make to your LinkedIn profile today:

  • Groups – spend a few minutes going through all of the groups that you have signed up for.  Most you probably do not engage with.  Remove the ones that are not relevant to your career field and add any that are interesting.
  • Responsibilities – be sure that your responsibilities are kept up-to-date.  This may include a new position or even new tasks that you do at your current position.  This section of your profile is one of the most viewed areas and is a section where you can show off your work.  You should even consider adding visuals to this section to show your work.  Make it an actual portfolio!
  • Skills and Endorsements – review your skills and endorsements often.  Include skills that are relative to your field or which showcase your expertise.  Same is true for your endorsements.  While it may feel great getting endorsements for everything, limit them to include those relative to your field.
  • URL – you are working to build your professional brand.  An important way to do so is by customizing your LinkedIn URL.  Consider changing the generic URL given to you, to a URL that consists of your first and last name.  This will look more professional and enhance searches done.
  • Recommendations – this is a section of LinkedIn that is often overlooked.  Yet, having several recommendations can mean the difference in separating you and your profile from hundreds of others.  Ask several people who have worked with you or who you have worked for in the past to endorse you and write a recommendation for you.  This one area will make you stand out above all the others who do not have any.
  • Headline – most profiles on LinkedIn have the system generated headline.  Your headline is the first thing potential employers will see, read, and attach to you.  Take the time to change this headline to something meaningful and related to you and who you are.  Something unique will help you stand out and attract recruiters.

Improvements to your LinkedIn profile can help you attract potential employers and even have you viewed as an expert in your field.  Take a few minutes each day to perfect your profile and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Copyright: yurolaitsalbert / 123RF Stock Photo