Hiring managers are often looking for ways to attract candidates to their open positions, but few consider adding a leadership program to their company.  Many job seekers today are looking for positions that will help further their career.  When you develop a leadership program, you will suddenly attract more job candidates who are looking for positions where they can grow.

A leadership program will ensure that your employees, who are managing others, are well trained and will succeed in their role.  This training program will provide an avenue for employees to grow with your company and in their career.  Here are a few elements of a successful leadership program, you should consider:

  • Develop an atmosphere of coaching. This will allow all employees feedback in a more timely manner, but will also demonstrate to potential managers the importance of an open dialogue.  It is important to teach those in your leadership program the importance of coaching and feedback.
  • Make sure that the requirements of your leadership program are made available to all staff members. If you only allow 2 candidates per program cycle, make sure that is known.  It is important that anyone interested in the program know how to apply, what is involved in the program, and how it will benefit them when done.
  • It is important that you offer a wide variety of insights through your program. Guidance during the leadership program should come from a variety of sources, such as the owner of the company, managers, and outside leaders.  Offering a wide range of training in your program will develop a well-rounded leader.

Offering a leadership program will not only attract more candidates to your positions, but those that go through your program will become more development employees.  A leadership program will typically develop strong workplace relationships, increase employee skill sets, and increase your retention rates.  Consider adding a leadership program to your company.

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