Most people searching for a job, will admit that it is a stressful experience.  The number one complaint among job seekers is they always feel unprepared.  If you could improve your job search skills, would you?  Of course you would, it would make the experience more enjoyable.  The fact is, you can challenge yourself during your job search, improve your job search skills, and enjoy the entire experience.  Here is how:

  • Most job seekers will stay away from situations that put you on the spot, however, you must learn to accept that challenge. What better way to be prepared, then to be put on the spot and see how you handle the situation.  Then you can adjust your answer, how you respond, etc.  Do not shy away from being put on the spot, instead embrace it and learn from it.
  • So many job seekers want to hide the fact they are out of work, almost like they are ashamed of it. You must do the opposite.  Tell people you are out of work.  You may start a conversation with someone who could be your next employer or may know someone who is hiring.  Tell others you are out of work and in transition – let your networking work for you.
  • Whether you hire someone or ask a trusted friend, you need to allow someone other than yourself to review your resume. Ask them to review your resume and give you constructive criticism, and then take the changes suggested seriously.  Changes on your resume could mean the difference in getting chosen for the next job you apply.
  • Ask a mentor or someone respected in your industry to conduct a mock interview with you. This will allow you to practice your interview skills.  Ask the interviewer to give you feedback on your body language, how you answered questions, and more.

If you really want to find that job of your dreams, you have to challenge yourself during your job search.  Make connections, do not shy away from questions, and consider attending informational meetings.  Everything you do to prepare during your job search, will increase your chances of landing the job you want!

Copyright: bowie15 / 123RF Stock Photo