If you are like most businesses today, you scratch your head, wondering how you can improve your on-boarding process and increase your retention rates with new hires.  So many companies struggle with their employee on-boarding, and do not even know where to begin to try and correct it.

The first thing you must look at to improve your employee on-boarding process, is to remove all the negative thoughts you have about it.  On-boarding is necessary, does not have to be time consuming, and can increase your retention rates and lower your overall hiring costs.  Here are some ways you can improve your employee on-boarding and make it a successful program:

  • Make sure that all staff members involved in the on-boarding process understand their role in the program. Outline their responsibilities, make sure they are clear on them, and allow them to provide feedback on the process.
  • It is critical that when a new employee arrives on day one, they can be productive. This means that whoever is responsible for setting up their work station, assigning their credentials, etc. have them complete before they arrive.
  • Required paperwork is necessary, but can take away days of productive time. Conduct all required meetings and completion of paperwork before the official start day.  This allows your new hire to begin work on day one, versus feeling like they are being shuffled around the company.
  • Implement a formal survey of every new hire. This will help identify any inefficiencies in your on-boarding process.  Feedback is important to improvement.
  • Include your new hires in the company culture immediately. This could mean making sure they know there are bagels in the break room every day at 10, to holding an informal get-together within their first few days.
  • A new hire should be included in all team meetings and/or projects. This will help them connect with the company and understand their role to help in the success of the company.

Skip the evaluation of your new hire within the first 30, 60, 90 days.  Most studies have shown this to be a waste of time.  Most new employees take at least 60-90 days to acclimate to the environment.  Instead do an informal review of their on-boarding process and seek ways to improve it.

If you want to improve your on-boarding process and retain your new hires, then you must consider some of the tips provided above.  You will quickly see a difference in your retention rate, as well as, a savings in your overall hiring costs.

Copyright: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo