At the end of every interview, job candidates consider what are the right questions to ask their interviewer.  While every candidate has a list of different priorities, there are still important questions to ask at the end of the interview, which will provide you more insight into the company and the position.

Make sure that you prepare your end of interview questions before arriving at the company.  You should have several prepared, just in case one or two of them are answered during the course of the meeting.  Here are several you might consider:

  • Most companies will not voluntarily allow you access to their administrative policies, however, if you ask to see them, they most likely will allow you to view. The purpose of your review is to look at the tone of their wording.  Are they combative and dictatorial, or are they neutral and collaborative? The tone of their policies typically will tell you whether they have some internal issues.
  • A question that hiring managers like to see asked, and one that you should ask every interview, is, “Can you tell me how this role, specifically, impacts the overall mission of the company.?” This will give you valuable information regarding whether this position is right for your goals, and give you insight into the promotion guidelines of the company.  You can also use the follow up question about whether there is room from growth as well.
  • An important question to ask is the reason why they are hiring for this position. The answer can shed some light on why they are filling the position – is it new because of company growth, or did someone in the position leave?
  • Culture is important to almost every job candidate today, therefore, do not be afraid to ask the interviewer what they like most about the company culture, as well as what they like least.

It is important that you have several questions prepared for the end of your interview, but it is important that you make those questions count!

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