If you sit and wonder why you are getting passed over for job after job, you might need to consider what the habits of those top job candidates are doing that you are not.  Hiring managers today are looking for more than just skill and experience, they are looking for a checklist full of habits that translate to the job.

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Here are the habits you need to develop to become a top candidate:

  • It is important that you can admit when you messed up, including miscommunication. No one is perfect; therefore, you should be able to admit when you have made a mistake.  You should be able to communicate this to the hiring manager, showing that you can admit when you have made a bad call, and are willing to work on fixing the issue.
  • Listening is a skill that takes practice, and only will become a habit when done consistently. However, this is one of the best habits you can acquire.  Learning to listening to others before you talk is something very few people can do effectively, yet, when demonstrated it is profound.
  • Accept the fact that you are an individual. Do not compare yourself to others, or defend yourself to a hiring manager.  Instead, show your unique personality, skills, and talent, showing the hiring manager how you can make an impact in the company and the position.
  • Sometimes, less is more. In certain situations, it is best that you refrain from commenting.  This can show that you are considerate, evaluating the situation or comment, and shows patience, something missing in many candidates today.

While there are many good habits exhibited by top talent these days, these habits can help show you are a team player and perfect for the position you are applying.  Do you have any of these habits?

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