You researched the job and the company, you perfected your resume, you practiced your interviewing skills, and finally it happened – you got the interview!  Suddenly, fear sets in and you start to panic, fearful that you will blow the interview and lose the perfect job opportunity.  No need to panic when you understand some of the hiring managers interview secrets.

You landed the interview because of your resume and cover letter, because of your skill set, and the hiring manager wants to verify the fit.  When you understand the true purpose of the interview, it will not seem so intimidating.  Here are the interview secrets the hiring manager is looking to uncover:

  • Company culture has become one of the number one reasons why someone is not hired today. It also accounts for a large percentage of job candidates turning down job offers.  The hiring manager will use the interview to determine if you will be a cultural fit.  It is important that you research the company’s culture before your interview.  You will need to show the hiring manager that you will fit in with the current team, and that the culture is for you!
  • Many job candidates fabricate skills and more on their resumes. The hiring manager will use the interview to determine if what you have listed on your resume and the person that showed up at the interview are one in the same.  It is important that you do not “put on a show,” but show your true self.
  • The interview is used to determine if you can fulfil the job requirements. It is important that you ask for a copy of the job description before the interview.  Study it, understand what they are looking for, and be prepared to demonstrate how your skill set will accomplish their goals.

You landed the interview because the hiring manager saw potential.  It is now your job to make sure you answer all the looming questions of the hiring manager.  Knowing their interview secrets makes this job much easier.

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