It will not take you long to realize that the job search game has changed significantly over the last several years, and more changes are expected to come.  One area that seems to be changed rapidly is the interview.  It has gone from the face-to-face interview, to the phone interview, and now even live chat video.  The biggest change are the interview questions being asked today.

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While some of the traditional questions are still be asked, many hiring managers have devised interview questions that make you think about your answer and really give the interviewer a clear picture of you and your talent.  Here are some of the new questions you need to prepare for:

  • Many hiring managers are going to give you a real-world business problem and ask you how you would handle the situation. While you cannot know what that real-world problem will be, you can still practice answering questions on the fly.
  • Instead of asking you what are your strengths and weaknesses, they are now going to ask you what is the biggest misconception others have about you? Make sure you are honest with your answer.
  • Hiring managers want to know you, therefore, they are going to ask you what is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? Show them you are not afraid to open up and share your experience.
  • In keeping with getting to know you, they also want to know what you feel is the best accomplishment you have had, outside of work and academics. This will give them a glimpse into how you value yourself and your personal life, which is often reflecting in your work.
  • A fun question that will show you can think quick on your feet is what ice cream flavor would you be? Make sure you give more than just a flavor for your answer, explain why you choose that flavor!

You probably picked up on a common theme among these new interview questions – they are looking to learn more about you personally.  You will need to think quickly, answer honestly, and give them a glimpse into what makes you – you!

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