How quickly do you post a job opening when someone leaves or retires from your company?  Is it immediately?  Many companies make the mistake of posting job openings within a few hours, or even before the person leaves employment.  You should take a step back and determine your hiring needs before posting any jobs.

Why?  Ask yourself this question – when was the last time you evaluated your needs, and more specifically, what is needed for this position?  For most businesses, the answer to the question is alarming – not since they decided to hire for the position, years prior.  Circumstances change, business models change, and needs change.  Doesn’t it make sense that you evaluate your hiring needs before hiring?  Here are some tips on how you can determine your hiring needs, the next time a position becomes open:

  • Job Specifics – take a step back and evaluate the current position.  Review the current job description, responsibilities, and duties.  Is this still what is required and needed today?  Talk with supervisors and other employees with similar positions and inquire whether the duties are still the same or need to be changed.  In most situations, you will discover that the job itself has evolved and it is either no longer needed or needs some significant changes.  Make the necessary changes to the job descriptions and responsibilities before looking for talent. 
  • Work Flow and Needs – as you review the current job duties, you may discover that the position is no longer needed.  Perhaps the duties can be and have been assigned to another employee, or are no longer needed due to technology changes.  When speaking with supervisors and other employees, it may be determined that the work flow would be better another way, completely changing or eliminating the position.  Now is the time to evaluate these types of work flow changes, before hiring for a position that is really not needed.
  • Current Trends – with the changes in technology, many businesses find that when a position becomes open, it is then, their opportunity to make upgrades or changes that will put them current with ongoing trends in the industry.  You are best to put off hiring anyone until these upgrades have been completed.  You most likely will need to hire a different skill level once completed.
  • Financial – it is always a good idea to review every open position from a financial perspective before hiring.  Is it financially feasible to hire another employee in for this position now?  What is the financial impact of both not hiring and hiring for the position? 

Before you post that next job opening, consider your hiring needs first.  Take your time to evaluate and hire smart!

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