Bad retention rates cost businesses thousands of dollars every year. Yet, many businesses fail to see their error of their ways. They sit and wonder, why are so many of my employees leaving? What are the reasons they are unhappy? How can I keep them here?

What employers need to realize is that the majority of employees are consistently searching for another job secretly. While most do this just to see what is available, the majority are looking because of their current work environment. Here are a few things you need to be aware of, and work on changing so you can keep your employees:

  1. The number one reason for bad retention rates is due to a misleading job ad and interview. Many businesses try to sugar coat the job ad and interview, making the job seem more interesting. However, this is misleading and once the employee gets a taste of the “real” job, they most likely will quit. Give it to them straight. Mostly data entry, say so. Lots of phone work, say so. Have to travel, say so.
  2. Reasonable workloads is another popular reason employees look for other positions. Do not expect more than you should. You will want to make the job challenging, but not to the point where they have to bring work home every night and interfere with the quality of their life outside of work. People burn out quickly when they are going 150% all the time.
  3. Many employers have forgotten what it was like to be an employee. Most employees today state they feel underappreciated in their current jobs. Say thank you, have an appreciation day for your employees. Do something to show them you do appreciate them and their hard work.
  4. Hand in hand with being underappreciated is the business that is too rigid. If your employees stay late to meet a deadline or handle an emergency, give them the opportunity to come in a little late the next day, or take time off later in the week. When you are inflexible, you will lose you best employees.
  5. Involve your employees in what is going on with the business. Something as simple as a quarterly meetings explaining the future goals, how they can help achieve them, and the reward or end result once reached, goes a long way in keeping an employee engaged. When they are engaged in the business, they are less likely to get bored and look elsewhere.

While these tips may seem simple and commonplace, many employers forget that these matter to employees more than salary. Follow these simple tips and you may notice a more positive workforce, happier employees, and watch your retention rates skyrocket!

Copyright: dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo