Understanding employee engagement is difficult for many businesses.  The number one key to employee engagement is feedback.  While many hiring managers ask for and receive feedback during the hiring process and onboarding, it typically stops there.  This is the reason most employees lose interest in their work.

To encourage employees to be engaged in the company and their work, you must provide an environment that fosters employee engagement.  An employee has a lot to say from the minute they are contacted for their first interview.  The information an employee can provide you through regular feedback, can help you make necessary changes company-wide, or address concerns you did not know existed.

Here are a few ways you can implement a feedback strategy to help with employee engagement:

  • Give your employees and those going through the hiring process, a way of providing feedback. Allowing employees to provide feedback daily can help with many operational issues timely.  Encouraging feedback is important, by placing feedback boxes throughout your company, or allowing them to log into the website anonymously to complete a feedback form will work well.
  • Allow convenient methods and times for feedback. This may mean creating a mobile application to allow your employees to give feedback, or some other interactive method.  Make giving feedback interactive and engaging.  You will receive more feedback, which will mean more employee engagement.
  • Make sure that all feedback can be submitted anonymously. Many employees will hold back in giving honest feedback, if they feel their comments will not be anonymous.
  • The most important part of feedback and employee engagement, is to make sure that you do some sort of action on every piece of feedback given. Whether you read each piece of feedback in the monthly meeting and then explain what is being done about it, or you send an email to everyone explaining the course of action that will be taken, the point is to make sure you do something about every piece of feedback.

When you allow your employees and job candidates to provide regular feedback, it not only makes your business better, but you will have satisfied employees and great employee engagement.

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