Have you been a part of the job search game for too long?  Or, perhaps you are unhappy with the position you currently have, but hesitate to start looking for something else, because it seems like a daunting task.  Whatever your reason for a job search, wouldn’t it be nice for the employers to come to you?

Of course, every candidate looking for a new job, wishes that hiring managers would come to them.  Save them the hassle of all the work of looking for the perfect job.  But, how can you get businesses to come to you?  Here are a few tips to consider, to bring employers to you:

  • What is your brand? You must have a personal brand, to attract employers.  This brand will define your mission, values, and goals.  It will identify who you are and allow employers to determine if you are the right fit for them.  Make sure you have defined and built your brand for employers to review.
  • Once you have worked on building your brand, you must have it available for employers to find and review. You must be active on social media platforms, and network consistently.  You might even consider putting your own website out there for employers to review.
  • You must market yourself. In fact, have your own marketing campaign to market you.  This may include writing whitepapers or posts, and posting online.  It may mean you volunteer to speak in the community or at various companies around town.  The important thing is to create a buzz, and you are the center of it.
  • Do not ever “blow off” a hiring manager or recruiter who contacts you. You must take these calls or have these conversations.  Many of them may want to put you on their “list” so when a position becomes available, they contact you.

There are ways you can bring the employers to you, instead of doing the chasing.  Do not close any doors, but try some of the techniques offered here.

Copyright: antonioguillem / 123RF Stock Photo