No matter what industry you are in, you have probably come across job candidates asking if you offer any flexible options.  In fact, recent studies indicate that more than 49% of all job candidates are looking for some sort of flexible working option.  Whether you currently offer flexible time or are considering offering it, here are the most in demand flexible options available today:

  • Telecommuting – more than 80% of all job applicants are interested in working a position remotely. While some positions cannot be done remotely, many can.  If you have not considered the possibility, you should research the benefits you would receive by allowing some of your positions to telecommute.
  • Flexible schedule – more and more companies are offering flexible schedules to their employees. It is a great benefit to attract job candidates, as more than 70% are looking for this particular benefit.
  • Alternative scheduling – this is a newer, more creative benefit being offered to job candidates. It offers unique scheduling, where all positions that need covered are posted a month in advance to employees.  They then can choose what shifts they want, duration of those shifts, and more.
  • Job sharing – becoming more popular, job sharing is allowing employees to work a schedule that fits their lifestyle and needs. Companies are allowing job positions to be shared by two or more employees.  It is up to those in the sharing group to make sure the work is done and the shift is covered.
  • Freelance – always popular, it is making a comeback in many businesses. Not only does it allow a business to get experts for certain projects, but it gives the worker the freedom they seek.

Flexible benefits are in high demand today, and many job candidates will not even apply to companies that do not offer some option.  What flexible options will you offer?

Copyright: leowolfert / 123RF Stock Photo