As you go through your job search, you may find that you have more failure at getting the job of your dreams than you like.  What you must keep in mind – every job candidate has had job search failure at some point, the key is, did you learn any lessons from that failure?  Here are a few of the key lessons learned during job search failure:

  • The number one thing you must learn or take away from any job search failure you have, is that it is only temporary and will not last forever. If you focus on the failure, it may take you longer than normal to get back to trying again, which may mean you lose your opportunity.  Consider what might have gone wrong in this loss, and then correct those mistakes.  The important thing is to keep going.
  • When you fail at your job search, you must keep in mind that failure is not unique to you. Hundreds of job candidates get rejected every day.  This criticism is not a judgement of your or your skills, but simply you were not what they were looking for.  Once you realize that this denial is not unique to just you and that they are not criticizing you, it will be easier to move on and continue your job search.
  • You have probably heard the saying that rejection is a powerful tool. In the situation of being rejected for a job, it can be the best gift ever given to you.  Not only does it make you reevaluate yourself and your skills, but it is the best teacher to help you deal with rejection and keep going.

Your best job search failure lessons are most likely still out there for you to learn, however, if you have experienced failure, you understand the humility, the knowledge, and the power that comes from that failure.  Pick yourself up and keep going!  Your dream job is out there!

Copyright: twinsterphoto / 123RF Stock Photo