Disengaged employees cost companies thousands of dollars every year, but what about what it is costing you regarding attracting good job candidates?  Studies have indicated that many companies are simply not attracting the type of job candidates they want, because of the poor employee morale within the company.

Just as you research a job candidate online, they are doing the same about your company.  They are looking for information about your company culture, looking to connect with current employees and see how happy they are, and even looking for past employees to find out why they left.

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Therefore, it is important that you boost employee morale, before you can expect to attract good candidates.  Here are a few ways you can work on your morale:

  • Your employees want to know that you care, so make sure that you show genuine concern and empathy towards your employees. This will not only make them feel like you care, but they will feel valued.  Both are important to good morale.
  • Criticizing and feedback are two very different approaches to handling employee problems. You must find creative ways to handle situations that need improvement.  Do not complain or talk down to the employee, instead provide positive feedback and additional training.  This will earn you the respect of your employees and they will be more open to feedback.
  • Remember that your employees are individuals. Do not treat them like a number, or just another employee.  Show genuine interest in them, their lives, and their work.  They will in turn do the same for you!
  • Recognition is incredibly important in boosting employee morale. It is more than just providing a company lunch or bagels at the next meeting.  Implement a program that rewards, incentivizes, and shows your appreciation.

More than 60% of the current workforce has lower than average morale at work.  This could be hurting your chances of attracting great job candidates to your open positions.  Consider boosting the morale of your employees today!

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