Many hiring managers will tell you that making the right hire is a science, a gift, or even impossible.  However, there are ways which you can determine if the candidate you have chosen is in fact, the right hire.  Here are a few of the signs you can look for as you determine whether they are the right hire for your company:

  • As you interview job candidates, be mindful of the questions they ask you at the end of the interview. Are they asking common questions, or do their questions show that they have envisioned themselves in the position with your company?  If they have pictured themselves in your position, most likely they will be an engaged employee, and a good choice.
  • In reviewing resumes, keep in mind those resumes that demonstrate the candidate will mesh well with the position, the current employees, and the leadership well. It is more than just looking for a set of skills, it is making sure those skills are relevant, and that they are willing to continue growing.
  • Communication is a skill that is often not determined on a resume, however, during the interview process, you must determine their level of communication. Are they open and engaging, or are they withdrawn and closed?
  • When you find a job candidate that is persistent through every step of your hiring process, you most likely have found a good candidate. This typically means they are engaged in not only the process, but the company and all you have to offer.

Most often, you can determine if you are making the right hire, but paying attention to the job candidate.  Do they take initiative, do they ask the right questions, do they show enthusiasm, and do they communicate well throughout the entire process?  All of these questions will help you find the right hire!

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