As many hiring managers continue to struggle to attract top talent, others have found what it takes to not only attract top talent, but retain them.  It is not a secret, and in fact, job candidates have been shouting what they are looking for from the roof tops for quite some time.  Some, have chosen to listen!

If you are looking to attract top talent and retain those candidates, then you must consider what these candidates are looking for:

  • Recognition – employees today are looking for recognition when it is deserved. They will work hard and be a team player, but they will want to earn your respect and admiration when it is appropriate.  To attract this top talent pool, you should have a recognition program in place and be able to show examples of your employee support.
  • Excitement – job candidates that are considered top talent, want to have excitement in their career. Make sure that you showcase the excitement in your job ad and when speaking with these candidates.  Show them how they can be a part of the excitement still to come.
  • Security – while most talented candidates feel they can get a job whenever they want, they are not looking to do so. They want security in their position and want to know the company is here for the long haul.
  • Fair Pay – most talented applicants are not looking to make extraordinary salaries. They just want to be fairly compensated for their talent.  Make sure you are open to what they believe is fair.
  • Growth – many employees today want to grow their careers. Show your candidates how they can grow with your company and you will attract more top talent.
  • Culture – culture has become very important to all candidates today, especially top talent. They will not work for a company that does not have the same values.  Make sure you are clear about your company culture and show it off!
  • Trust – above all, talented candidates want to be able to trust you as the hiring manager. Do not offer something that you cannot give.

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