Have you often wondered what the secret formula is for landing the perfect job?  What do hiring managers want, and what are they looking for?  All questions that thousands of job seekers ask themselves daily.

Finding your dream job or getting the job you want is really not that difficult.  There are specific steps that you need to take to build your career path, and if you follow these steps, you will land the job you want.  Are you ready to get the job of your dreams?  Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Learn to position yourself in the job market. This simply means that you need to present yourself to potential employers as someone that is a solution to a problem they have.  Do not seem needy or desperate, as often is the case with job seekers who are out of work.  You want to portray why you are the exact fit they are looking for.
  • You must understand what value you bring to the table. If you do not understand what value you bring, how can you sell your skills.  Be confident that they value you can provide to them is top notch and will benefit their business.
  • Make sure that you get in front of the right businesses. There are many ways of searching for jobs today.  Use them all – social media, job boards, networking, and sending out resumes.  If you have come across a company that is the exact fit for you, do not be afraid to seek them out.
  • Network, network, network. Networking is under rated and often skipped by many in search of their perfect job.  You must network with like-minded people and others in the profession you wish to excel in.  Not only will they have tips for you, but they are great resources and referrals.
  • Gain as much experience as you can in your chosen field. This may include additional education, volunteering, or even doing an internship.  The more experience you gain, the better.  You will be more versatile and will look better to potential employers.
  • Know your story. This is the story of why you want to work in this field, in this job, or for this company.  Your story must be powerful and meaningful, so take the time to really dig deep on you why.  This will help you stand out from other potential candidates, as someone that has a real reason why they want this job.
  • Always remain positive. No matter where you are in your search, you must remain positive and forward thinking.  Do not take it personally if you do not get the first job you apply for, perhaps it is the next one that really is the perfect fit!

Landing the job you want requires work on your part.  It is not as simple as sending out a resume, doing an interview, and the job is yours.  While some may get lucky to have this happen to them, if you ask them how they did, they will most likely tell you they have been following the above steps for years to get this dream job.

Copyright: fikmik / 123RF Stock Photo