The number one complaint among people today, is not enough time.  Everyone wants to fit more into their day, get more done, and simply have time for more important things – family, friends, and alone time.  This is often difficult, as so many are constantly rushing from one task to the next.

What if you could increase your productivity, which in turn will give you more free time?  Follow these simple ways and you might see your productivity increase and add more hours to your day:

  • Learn to take breaks frequently throughout your day. Working during your peak production times, will allow you to get more done.
  • Set times for each task. While some you may not be able to stick to, or finish in the allotted time, it will eventually force you to work smarter during the allotted time.
  • Remove all distractions from your work area. Turn off phones, close email programs, and only use the programs needed for the task at hand on your computer.  This will force you to concentrate on the task at hand, not everything else going on around you.
  • Music can be helpful if playing in the background. Be careful what type of music you choose, as you do not want something that will distract you.
  • Schedule your tasks accordingly to your level of interest. For example, do your most dreaded task first thing in the morning.  Get it out of the way and leave the rest of the day for tasks that you enjoy.  It will be easier to get through a pleasant task than saving the dreaded ones for late in the day.
  • Determine what times of the day you are most productive. Everyone is different.  Once you determine what times are most productive for you, adjust your schedule accordingly.  You will find you get more done.
  • Always keep a notebook and pen by you at all times. Write down your thoughts and notes when you have them, and get them out of your head.  This will alleviate stress and allow you to tackle that idea during your peak work times.
  • Learn to step away from the computer or work area often. When you can step away and clear the slate (even for 5 minutes) you will feel refreshed when you go back to it.
  • To do lists can be your friend. You will have to work with this suggestion, as some have trouble leaving items not done on the list.  Simply move them to the next day.  By allowing yourself to write down what you want to accomplish, you will eventually be able to work through your list and give yourself more time to do other things.

While there are hundreds of ways to become more productive, the important thing to remember, is to implement one or two small tips at a time and watch how your free time grows.

Copyright: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo