The job search landscape has changed over the last several years, with more and more people searching for jobs.  The stress of job hunting can be taxing, especially for those that have not been in the job market until recently.

Searching for jobs on social media, job boards, and networking are foreign concepts to many in the job hunt.  You can take some of the headache away from your job search, by working with a recruiter.  Yes, a recruiter can help you find the perfect job, with less stress.  Here is what you should expect when you work with a recruiter:

  • Your recruiter will need to get to know you, therefore, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. When your recruiter understands you, your skills, talents, and desires, it is easier for him or her to find the perfect fit for you.  They will have conversations with you regarding why you want make a career move now, how you picture your dream job, and what motivates you.  They will be your advocate, so they must understand you – do not hold back.
  • You have probably heard the expression, “it is a marathon, not a sprint.” Well same is true of the recruiting process.  Do not expect to walk in to a recruiting office and walk out with a job.  It typically does not happen that fast.  Your recruiter wants to find the right fit for you and for the company they represent.  The process will typically be a phone interview first and then a face-to-face meeting.  Once it is determined that working together will be a good fit, then more in-depth conversations will typically take place.  Assessment test, aptitude test, review of your resume, etc. will all happen.
  • Communication is key during the entire process with your recruiter. Typically, communication happens once a week, but may occur more frequently at the beginning of the process.  Be sure that you understand how your recruiter wishes to communicate – via phone, email, or text.
  • You must remember that your recruiter is there to help you, however, they may miss an opportunity. If you come across an opportunity you felt you would have been perfect for, communicate that to your recruiter.  The more open your communication with your recruiter, the better they will know you, and the easier it will be to find the perfect job.

It is important to remember that your recruiter is your advocate.  While working with a recruiter is not for everyone, it can be the best experience you will have during your job search.  Remember to be open and honest with your recruiter so they can help you with your job success.

Copyright: miluxian / 123RF Stock Photo