Employers are constantly looking for ways to keep their employees engaged, which typically leads to happier employees, who have better productivity and stay with the company longer. The trouble employers routinely have is determining what tasks, benefits, or rewards will do the trick.

What are employees looking for from their employer? Job security. Intellectually challenging. Open communication. Flexible employers. Yes to all! Every employee is looking for something different, something that will fit their life style at that moment. And, yes, these priorities can change. The best way to keep your employees engaged in the business and their job, is to routinely communicate with them. Understand their frustrations both personally and professionally. Look for ways you can help to ease these frustrations.

Here are just a few ways in which you foster engagement from your employees, while helping them balance their professional and personal lives:

  1. Flexible – today’s world is very fast paced. So much so, that many people find themselves unable to balance their professional and personal lives. If this continues for an extended period of time, both areas of the employees life will start to suffer. As an employer, you can listen to your employees regarding their work-life balance. Allow them the necessary flexibility to leave during the day to attend their child’s recital, or have an extra hour for lunch because they are training for a marathon. Adjust their schedule and work load accordingly. Do they work better in the morning – then allow them to work early mornings with the afternoon off.
  2. Growth and Development – most employees want to better themselves and want to advance in their positions. They want challenges and opportunities where they can grow and develop. It is important that you not on encourage this behavior, but support it. Communicate this with your employees and offer them solutions to help them advance. Sponsor seminars to give them additional training, or implement an educational reimbursement policy. When you invest in your employees training, they will become invested in their professional success with you.
  3. Recognition and Rewards – everyone loves to be praised, however, most employers do not give recognition when deserved. When you take the time to recognize and employee for their efforts, it gives them a boost of motivation to continue performing at that level. Simple things like a weekly or monthly company email with short praises, employee lunches, free gift cards, etc. are all great ways to show appreciation and reward them for a job well done.

Employees are looking to work for employers who appreciate them and respect them. If you want to keep your employees engaged and increase your retention of great employees, you must incorporate these simple steps into your business.

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