As you continue to prepare for the changing recruiting world that lie ahead, there is one recruiting tool you already have in your arsenal, one that is powerful and candidates are looking at – your workplace.  It is no secret that today’s job candidates are looking at cultural fit as a major determining factor in their job search.

Job candidates are searching everywhere online to get a glimpse of your social culture, how the workplace is designed, and what the dress code is.  The space that these candidates will work in is important to their taking the job and staying, therefore you must design a space that will not only be productive, but fit their personality.  Here are some tips:

  • Candidates today are not looking to work in the boring office with cubicles. They are looking for variety and open spaces.  Because you will have a variety of personalities, some looking for their quiet time, while others will thrive being with their team members.  Consider setting up a hybrid office, where there are options for those that need quiet, while still providing open rooms where collaboration can take place.
  • It has been said for years that the décor of an office will directly impact your employees and their work product. Find ways to decorate that will make everyone happy – such as incorporating the company’s colors in the décor, yet still adding some upbeat colors to keep things light and happy.  Consider adding pieces of furniture that will help productivity and make your employees comfortable, such as sit/stand desks.
  • You must control the first impression seen in your office. Is your reception area welcoming?  What will a job candidate’s first thought be upon entering?  It is important to make sure this area is welcoming and happy.

The environment of your office can affect your recruiting and impact your retention rates.  Take the time to consider these tips above, and make your workplace your best recruiting tool!

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