For most job seekers, being in-between jobs usually means committing the majority of your time to job searches.  While finding a job is the ultimate end goal, it should not be the single goal you possess during your job search.  You must have a between jobs agenda.

In today’s competitive job market, simply searching for a job is not enough.  During your time between jobs, you must work on making yourself more attractive to potential employers.  Here is a short list of what should be included on your between jobs agenda:

  • Resume – take the time to review your resume. You might want to hire a professional to review it for you.  Resume writing is a skill which few possess.  Your resume tells a story about you and your skills.  When was the last time you reviewed your resume?
  • Social Media – when you review your resume, you should also take the time to review your social media. Since most recruiters and hiring managers look to social media before even scheduling an interview, make sure that your online presence portrays you in a professional light.
  • Reading – one of the most important things you can do for your career is read. This is true whether you are working currently or looking for employment.  Staying current in your field is important and reading can help you accomplish that.
  • Classes – furthering your skills is a great way to boost your chances of obtaining employment. Look to take classes to increase your skill set and make you more valuable.  You might consider online classes, traditional classroom settings, or even working with mentors.  All will provide you with valuable new skills.
  • Volunteer – there are many opportunities available for volunteering in your industry. Not only do you get to give back, but you can also acquire new skills, network with others, and show that you are passionate about your field.

Unemployment does not have to be looked at as a forced vacation.  Instead, it should be viewed as an opportunity to grow and find a job that is more suited to you and your goals.  Don’t sit by waiting for the job to come to you – get out there and make it happen.  When you make yourself more valuable, you will have the phone ringing with job offers.

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