Hiring managers and recruiters agree that recruiting is evolving.  Good?  Bad?  That remains to be seen.  The fact is, many hiring managers and recruiters have felt the change for a while, but not until recently, has it really hit home.

As the hiring landscape continues to change, many in hiring positions find they must adapt.  Scrambling, trying to fill open positions, is causing many to think outside the box.  If you are struggling to find talent, perhaps some of these tips may help you:

  • Many companies today are looking to fill many of their open positions with technology or automation. Many of the positions that required unskilled labor is being replaced with technology.  You can then change your hiring toward more skilled labor, who have the ability to run the technology.  While human intelligence can never be fully replaced by technology, it is solving some immediate vacancy issues.
  • A large number of companies are moving away from the normal employee model and are turning to freelancers and independent contractors. This nontraditional worker is filling some of the gaps that many businesses have.  Not only are they able to save money, but the work is getting accomplished!
  • More and more companies are offering flex work, telecommuting, and remote work as a way around the traditional 9 to 5 job. These options are much more appealing for job candidates today.

It is no secret that recruiting is evolving, but how you evolve with it will determine how successful you are in hiring.  If you choose to stay with the traditional methods, you may find it very difficult to fill your open positions, and your business will suffer.

If you choose to embrace the change, consider adding some of the tips above to your hiring process, you will find you are able to fill your positions.  How will you handle the recruiting evolution?

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