It is part of a hiring managers job to stay current on what job candidates want.  It is no secret that candidates today are searching for companies that have a healthy, work life balance.  In fact, many candidates today will not even consider a company without it.  The importance of health benefits is great to job candidates, and should be to you too.

While most companies offer the traditional health insurance benefits, many employees and candidates are looking for more than that.  Here are a few things to consider or even offer in relation to health benefits:

  • Work life balance is important to many candidates and employees today. Offering flexible scheduling is one way to support this.  This will allow employees to take time off when needed, without feeling guilty or apprehensive.
  • Offer free monthly screenings to all employees. This could be blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and a host of other screenings.  This shows your employees you care about their health, and are willing to give them the tools they need to stay healthy.
  • Be sure that you offer enough sick days, or flex days. This will allow employees enough time to recover when they are sick.
  • Offer other healthy programs, such as yoga at work, healthy food in the cafeteria, and even a free massage every month. Studies have shown that companies that work to combat stress, have less unhealthy employees.
  • Consider adding a relaxation room in your company. This could be an area where employees can sit and relax during their break and read a book, take a “cat nap,” or even interact with other employees.

Job candidates and employees are looking for more than just the traditional health benefits, they want to work for a company that offers benefits and perks that show you care.  Consider adding some of these benefits to your health program.

Copyright: harishmarnad / 123RF Stock Photo