Do you have trouble answering the interview question, what is your biggest strength?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.  Many job candidates struggle with answering this question.  In fact, many have trouble just identifying their strengths.

The ability to identify your strengths is more important than just knowing how to answer an interview question, it is important to help you in obtaining your goals, working towards self-improvement, and much more.  Consider asking yourself these questions, when identifying your strengths:

  • What have been your greatest successes? Have you actually sat and thought about this question?  If you made a list, of all of your accomplishments, you will be amazed by what you have accomplished so far.  From that list, you can look for skills and patterns of strength used to complete those successes.
  • Think about what has been the hardest thing in your life – both personally and professionally. What did you do to get through that?  Often, we push aside the hardest parts of our life because they can be painful to think about, however, getting through those moments can reveal some of your best strengths.  Take the time to reflect on those hard times and discover some strengths you did not know you had.
  • What brings you the most joy? The things that make us the happiest are often overlooked, yet many of our strengths come out of things that make us happy and feel fulfilled.  Perhaps you volunteer often, which may mean you have a passion for helping others.  This is a strength you would want to convey in your interview for a retail position!

As you can see, identifying your strengths does not have to be hard.  In fact, it is as easy as answering a few self-thought questions.  You may discover you have more strengths than you thought and will never have trouble answering this interview question again!

Copyright: zerbor / 123RF Stock Photo