Job candidates and employees today are looking for more than just a great company to work for, they are looking for the complete employee experience.  They are demanding more and more because of technology, social media, and instant delivered results.  What does this mean for you?  In order to attract and retain top talent, you must make sure your employee reviews are good.

Recent studies have shown that job candidates today, will not even consider a company until they have reviewed all employee reviews of the company.  Think your company does not have any – think again!  They are out there, and the job candidates you are looking for will find them and review them.  It is important to your overall hiring success to make sure that your current employees are happy, engaged, and are portraying your company as you expect.  Here are just a few things to consider to foster good employee reviews, and help in retaining your top talent:

  • Development should be a priority within your company culture. This includes employee career development, as well as, educational development.  Employees today want to grow and advance, and job candidates will search out companies with opportunity for growth.
  • One of the biggest pitfalls of any company is that their goals and expectations are not clear. When these are not clear to your employees, it makes it difficult for them to get onboard.  Make sure your employees and job candidates understand the company’s mission, goals and expectations.
  • Being approachable is a key aspect of developing and maintaining good relationships with your employees. This will help create great employee reviews, therefore, giving job candidates a glimpse of the company culture.

It is easy to get caught up in the hiring process and forget about your current employees.  That could be a costly mistake.  Make sure you take the time to understand and review any comments your current employees are putting out there.  This will help you retain your top talent, and attract the type of job candidates you want!

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