While the hiring process, on average, takes about 23 days to complete for most companies, there are things you can do as a job candidate to help speed up the process.  It can be frustrating as a job seeker to sit back and wait, but speeding up your job hunt is easier than you think…

  • Time is precious when you are searching for a job, therefore, it is important that you are very selective and specific during your job hunt. Do not just fill out tons of applications to “see which one calls first.”  Choose the best fits for you and your career goals and apply for those.
  • To narrow down your applications even further, do your research on the company before applying for the position. Look for employee reviews, customer reviews, and any other information that will help you make a decision about the company.  Then, only apply for those that will be good fit.
  • Even after you have applied for a position, it is important that you do not stop looking. Since the process can take some time, if you stop looking until you hear back, your entire job hunting process will drag out.
  • It is important to remember that hiring managers only spend about 5-7 seconds on your hiring package (cover letter and resume) before moving on. Make sure that it is tailored to that specific job opening and that you highlight what they are looking for near the top!
  • Continue networking while you job hunt, even after you have applied for positions. Building those relationships is important to your career, both short term and long term.
  • Follow-up is critical in today’s job market. Many candidates fail to do so, which can cost them the job.  Make sure you follow-up with every resume submitted, every online application completed, and every interview done!

There are ways you can help speed up your job hunt and the hiring process.  Make sure you are doing all these things…

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