Client :

One of the most successful companies in America over the last ten years, this client has benefitted from strong leaders that have driven results and growth.

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Background :

Our client was a small, highly-talented organization that was developing one of the most innovative products in small appliances. With such an innovative product, the only thing in between them and greatness was raising brand awareness.  As the company aimed to expand, they required an accomplished leader at the Vice President of Marketing level within their organization.

Through word-of-mouth amongst C-level executives in the industry, they became acquainted with the services of Genesis Search Group. After comprehensive discussions with our President, the ideal candidate profile was identified.

Solution :

Genesis delivered the ideal Vice President of Marketing and the new hire hit the ground running.  During the last 4 years, his team has taken this company from one of the crowd into the undisputed leader in their niche.  After seeing what this hire had done for their organization, this client again turned to Genesis to find their Director of Sales. In short order, Genesis completed this search as well.

These two hires have been responsible for contributing to over one billion dollars in revenue.

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