It was once thought that a job fair was for the high school or college graduate, but today, the job fair has become more than just a place for youngsters to find their calling.  Many companies today use job fairs to find talent to fill their open positions.  Yes, even for those not just graduating from school.  Here are a few ways job fairs can help your job search:

  • Always review the list of companies that will attend job fairs in the locations you want to work. You may find that several of the companies you want to work for are in attendance.  What better way to meet and talk with hiring managers and recruiters for the company, then by attending a job fair.
  • Think of attending a job fair as an interview. Always dress as if you are attending an interview, and be sure to have plenty of copies of your resume.  In fact, you can go a step further, and the companies that you are “really” interested in, you can research their open positions and make a package specifically for that position to hand them at the job fair – they will be impressed!
  • Job fairs are a great way to network with companies you want to work for. Collect business cards, connect with them on social media, and develop conversations that could lead to you being hired.  Not only does this show them you are interested in the company, but it allows you to learn more about their cultural fit.
  • Are you typically nervous when meeting people? Attending a job fair is great way to practice your job search skills.  Everything from your business cards and hand shake, to making eye contact and your elevator speech, can be practiced at a job fair.  By the end of the fair, it will all be second nature for you.
  • Always follow-up and send thank you notes to all the hiring managers and recruiters you met at the job fair. This will show them that you are serious about working for them.

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A job fair can help your job search in a number of ways, as outlined here.  Job fairs are not just for recently graduated individuals, but for anyone serious about their career!

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