Do you devote the time necessary to land the perfect job?  While most job seekers will answer yes to this question, many scratch their head daily, wondering why they are not getting called for the interview, or worse – why are they not getting hired!  Here are the top job seeker tips you need while searching for your next position:

  • You probably get tired of hearing it, but network, network, network. Probably one of the most important pieces to your job search arsenal, you must network consistently.  It is important that you network with people in the same industry you want to work in.  It is more than making a connection to hopefully get a job, it is about developing a relationship, so they will not think twice about recommending you to someone they know.
  • Do you have several companies that you would LOVE to work for? Perhaps you did the research and they are the ideal environment you want, yet, they have no openings.  Consider setting up an informational interview with the company.  Show them you are eager to learn more about them, and inquire about a possible internship while you are job hunting.  Not only will it give you experience you can put on your resume, but it will show them you are willing to go the extra mile.  They will think of you when a position opens.
  • While you search for the perfect job, it is important that you continue to learn and keep your skills fresh. Attend seminars sponsored by some of the companies you would like to work for, take a class at the local college, or attend workshops that will enhance your skill set.
  • Contrary to belief, it is not the best idea to “just apply for everything out there.” Instead, it is important that you apply only for positions that mean something to you and are truly what you are looking for.  Just taking anything that comes along, will have you here in the same situation not too long in the future.

You have probably heard all of these tips before, but do you actually follow them?  Maybe it is time to try a different approach.  Give these tips a chance and see what difference they make in your job search.

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