As a hiring manager, you understand the importance of feedback, but do you know how important it is to ask for it from your candidates?  Feedback is often something sought after once a candidate is hired, but what about asking every candidate for their honest opinions?  You must ask for feedback from candidates you do not hire, to get the full picture.

Feedback will help you fine tune your hiring process and correct some common issues being seen by many of your candidates.  This will help you attract top talent and make your hiring process smoother.  Here are some tips when asking for comments:

  • Get in the habit of asking every candidate to provide feedback at the end of the interview, no matter if it is a phone interview or an in-person interview.
  • To get the best response, it must be timely. Mention to the candidate that you will be emailing them some questions regarding the hiring process, and you would like their honest opinion.
  • Many candidates will feel uncomfortable giving criticism face-to-face, therefore, emailing questions, or utilizing a system or service to ask the questions works best and will give you the best results.
  • Remain open to the results of their opinions. Do you see a pattern?  Compile the information and make adjustments to your hiring process as needed.
  • Never stop getting feedback. Stick with it and do not stop asking, just because you made a few changes.  It should be ongoing.
  • Gear your questions to your hiring process and do not be afraid to be specific. The more specific you are, the better the information received.

Feedback is important for everyone – including the hiring manager.  It is important that you continually gather information on your hiring process and make adjustments to attract new talent.

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