When asked, job candidates admit that the hardest part of obtaining a new job is the salary negotiation.  In fact, many job seekers will avoid positions that require or request salary information during the initial process, just so they do not have to have the uncomfortable conversation.

While negotiating your salary may be uncomfortable, it is necessary in many positions.  Shouldn’t you receive what you are worth?  The fact is that most employees do not have a good understanding of what they are actually worth, or how to even ask for it.

There are several online tools available to you, which can help you in determining a range of salary you should be making.  However, use caution – many of these online tools do not take into consideration other factors that relate to salary, such as flex time, years of experience, and other offered benefits.  Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you are determining and negotiating your salary:

  • Location, years of service, and the industry all play a part in your salary range. You must keep in mind that salaries for the same position will differ based on the location of the position.  Salaries in a city will be vastly different than those in a small town.  Along those same lines, the number of years of experience you have will play a role as well.  Do not expect to get the same salary for 2 years of experience versus someone with 20 years of experience.
  • Additional benefits offered also have an impact on salary ranges. For example, if you are given bonuses, stock options, or other financial incentives, those should be included in your determination.  Even benefits that do not have monetary value are important (even more so to some people).  These could include offering flex time or flex hours, child care, tuition reimbursement, and even additional vacation time.

It is important that you factor in these determining factors when deciding what salary figure to negotiate with, which means you may have to adjust your salary range depending on the position you are applying.  Do your homework ahead of time and be ready to defend your salary request.  When you are prepared, know the salary range information in the industry, location, and the additional benefits offered, you will find that you can secure the salary you are worth.  There is no need to shy away from negotiating your salary when you follow these simple rules.

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