Most hiring managers would agree that their hiring process in lengthy.  From the time they receive notification from their department head of an open position, until the time the candidate begins with their onboarding, can take weeks or even months.  This is why, many hiring managers are starting their hiring process early.

Throw in the mix, different times of the year when hiring is more difficult, or you have more positions to fill than usual, and you have a recipe for disaster.  If you want to get ahead, have a hiring process that is smooth, and lessen your stress, here are a few ways you can get started early in your hiring:

  • If you generally have an increase in candidates needed during a certain time of the year (summer or holiday), then accommodate for that. Start your hiring process earlier than you normally would.  Advertising for these candidates earlier than normal may increase the number of candidates you get, as well as allow you to get candidates hired well before the need arises.
  • When you are able to hire candidates earlier than normal, it gives you the opportunity to train these employees much more effectively. This not only helps with production, but the employee will be happier and feel less stress.
  • Whether you use regular employees or seasonal employees, they are often your best resource for finding new talent. Offer incentives for all employees to refer candidates year-round.  This will allow you to have a consistent pool of candidates to pull from and they are often higher quality candidates when referred by an employee.
  • Many hiring managers have begun offering intern positions. These have proven to be very beneficial for all involved.  Not only do you get to “try” out candidates, but it allows thorough training before they are hired as an employee.

If you always seem to be scrambling to fill positions, you might consider starting your hiring process a little earlier than you normally would.  The ways listed here, may give you exactly what you need and lessen the stress on you!

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