Client :

A well-known glassware manufacturer with centuries of tradition and an excellent reputation in the industry.

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Background :

Our client had not turned to Genesis Search Group to fill a search for over five years, as they have a very lean North American operation. Genesis Search Group’s previous placement with this client, a Director of Operations, was promoted from the role to become the client’s North American CEO.

The Director of Operations is an integral role to success of this client, and the job description required a very particular and well-rounded set of capabilities.

Due to the success of our first placement, the client contacted Genesis to backfill the position.

Solutions :

Genesis is no stranger to difficult searches, or individual hires that are of company defining importance. For well over a decade, Genesis Search Group has implemented our high-accuracy, quality-of-hire-focused recruitment process to deliver results beyond our clients’ expectations. From research to reference checking, Genesis ensures that only the best talent is delivered.

While this assignment was certainly difficult, Genesis sourced several candidates who were qualified, interested, and within our client’s salary considerations. Genesis was able to provide a slate of candidates within a few short weeks of taking on this search. After careful consideration of the candidates Genesis provided, our client was able to make an excellent hire for an extremely critical role, only 6 weeks after deploying the search.

Genesis Search Group’s research-based search process, extensive industry reach, and dedicated focus on speed, quality, transparency and flawless execution, allows our clients to continually strengthen their organizational talent level and grow tomorrow’s business leaders. 

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