The number one complaint from people going through the job search process, is that it is stressful.  Searching for a job can be stressful, especially for those that have not had to go through the process in a few years.  If you are having trouble sleeping, are feeling anxious, or even experience regular headaches, you might need these tips on reducing job search stress:

  • Forming positive relationships will help your networking and reduce stress. These individuals will allow you to share your thoughts, receive feedback, and gain support.  Take the time to develop these relationships.
  • Exercise every day. You have probably heard this a million times, but exercise will help combat your stress.  Whether it is a 30-minute walk or a quick yoga class, exercise will help keep your stress away.
  • Organize your job search. The number one cause of stress during a job search is due to lack of organization.  When you are unorganized, undue stress is caused, because no leads are seen.  Instead, take the time to organize and plan how you will approach your job search.  Having a plan, will reduce your stress significantly.
  • Remain positive. When stress is eating away at you, it is hard to remain positive, however, when you think positively during your job search, you will see a huge difference in your stress levels.  Do not stress over things out of your control, and always remain positive.
  • Eat healthy and get enough sleep. Yes, it is true, if you do not eat health or get enough sleep during your job search process, you will find yourself more stressed throughout the process.

Being out of work and searching for a job can be stressful.  Everyone will agree.  However, if you are feeling fatigued, are having trouble sleeping, are having problems concentrating, or are feeling anxious, irritable or depressed, you are most likely suffering from stress.  Learn to recognize the warning signs, and head off stress before it starts by following some of the tips above.

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