You know the saying – desperate times call for desperate measures – however, this should not even enter your mind when searching for a job.  Yes, job searches can be challenging and not very fun, however, becoming frustrated and making mistakes that will haunt you, is not the answer.  If you are feeling desperate in your job search, be aware of these common mistakes:

  • When you become desperate, you suddenly begin applying for every and any job available. Do not apply for everything.  Sure, the bills may be piling up, but applying for anything will do more harm than good.  For example, when you apply for so many positions, when you do get a call, you suddenly have a hard time remembering which company that was, and you will be asking what position is this and what company?  This does not make you look good in the eyes of the potential employer.  Remember, hiring managers are looking for employees that want to work for them, not someone who will work for anyone.
  • When you become desperate, you suddenly start looking to hire “experts” that can help you get the job. Be careful of hiring these so-called experts.  Often, you will get pulled in to the claims they make – I can make your resume stand out, so you land the job of your dreams.  There are some great services available, and yes, you may need some help with your resume or interview skills.  Be cautious who you hire.  Make sure you are paying for legitimate services that will help your chances.
  • May job seekers give up! Don’t throw in the towel just yet.  Instead, take a short break and regroup.  This will allow you to clear your head and get back to searching for the perfect job.  When you become tired, stressed, and ready to give up, you also become desperate and will take any job that comes along.  Stay optimistic and trust the process.

You must remember that searching for the perfect job can be time consuming, stressful, and make you desperate to take anything.  Be aware of the common mistakes listed above, and do not fall prey to the old saying, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Copyright: auremar / 123RF Stock Photo