In a recent study, it was shown that businesses are embracing social media for their hiring needs.  More than 90% of businesses admit to using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms for posting ads and searching for qualified candidates.

While LinkedIn is the post popular social media platform used for recruiting, the other social media platforms are emerging as beneficial for businesses as well.  Here are a few ways in which you can increase your exposure on social media, attract more job candidates, and increase your talent pool:

  • Blog posts on your website will help to increase traffic to your site. Since a blog post will drive more traffic to your site, you should post your open positions in your blog.  Do not post all the specifics about the open position in the blog post, but keep the ad/article informational, yet fun.  The key is to entice candidates to want to read more about the position, and direct them to your jobs ad page.
  • Instead of posting the job ad on Facebook, consider creating a fun Facebook video. Let potential candidates see the company’s culture, while informing them of the open position.  A video is visually appealing and even if the person who views is not right for the position, they may know someone who is and refer them because of the cool video.
  • Schedule your social media posts at different times during the day. There are many applications that can help you with your postings, and many offer posting at peak times of the day, with just a click of a button.
  • Consider customizing your Facebook page. You can add tabs on your page that will allow you to import or connect your career page from your website, which can give instant visibility to open positions.

Utilizing social media to increase your talent pool and fill open positions is a smart recruiting move.  Consider adding these tips to increase your exposure on social media.

Copyright: torwai / 123RF Stock Photo