As you apply for each job opening, you might be asking yourself, what are hiring managers looking for in their candidates.  While the answer may be different depending on the job and the company, there are a handful of traits that every hiring manager wants to see in the perfect candidate.  They are:

  • The ability to get along with others is important to many hiring managers today. It is more than just cultural fit, it is being able to work with your team, other departments, and customers that has hiring managers looking for this trait.  You must be able to demonstrate your ability to get along with others to win over the hiring manager.
  • No matter what generation you are from, one thing has not changed – hiring managers want candidates that will take initiative. Candidates with drive, passion, and a positive mindset will have the hiring manager’s attention.
  • Being knowledgeable about your work is expected, but being in know about the company during your interview is a big plus in the hiring manager’s eyes. Make sure that you do your research, understand and know the company before your interview.  You can also tell what the company is looking for by the job ad.  Make sure you show the hiring manager how you can help!
  • Learning is a part of life, and certainly is part of any career. It is important that you show them you are willing to learn new things, and that you constantly want to improve your knowledge base.  This is very appealing to most hiring managers.
  • Most companies today have more problems than they care to have, therefore, they are not looking for candidates that will share more problems – they want candidates and employees that will share solutions to their already existing problems. Show them you are a problem solver!

While every job you apply for will have different specifics they are searching for, you can be certain they will be looking at the traits of the candidates.  Make sure you are the candidate that stands out from the crowd.

Copyright: stevanovicigor / 123RF Stock Photo